Spring Fever!


If you’ve been whiling away the winter in a fabulously warm locale, tropical fruit-laden beverage in hand, you probably won’t experience the spring fever that has hit us East Coasters with a vengeance! After a winter that felt as though it had no end in sight (and I am a one of the few who actually enjoys the snow), the little glimpses of spring we’ve had over the past week have been downright glorious. 


Finally some vitamin D! Sorting compost, planting seeds, sneaking in a game or two of Frisbee golf…it’s been a long time coming.



At Freewheeling this spring, it’s not just the longer days that have us excited. Reservations have been rolling in – Nova Scotia seems especially attractive this season – and we have new team members (meet our office staff and guides here: http://www.freewheeling.ca/meetTheTeam.html).

And…drum roll, please…our Quebec: Magdalen Islands Multisport tour has been selected as one of National Geographic Traveler’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime.” Not too shabby! http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/tours/

The magical Îles de la Madeleine form a small archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Before the days of lighthouses, the high, strong waves around the islands were blamed for over 400 shipwrecks, resulting in a population melting pot of Anglophone shipwreck survivors, Francophone settlers, and Mi’Kmaq descendants.



Our Magdalen Islands tour will be featured in the May 2014 issue of the magazine, which hits newsstands April 22. The rigid selection process chose tours acclaimed for their authenticity, innovation, stellar guide reviews, and sustainability. Freewheeling’s six-day tour explores a new island of the Maggies each day. A family-friendly adventure on bike, sea-kayak, and foot, participants relish the chance to try kite-buggying, dabble in kite surfing, cave swimming, sailing, and snorkeling with seals.


Jacques Cartier, credited as the first European to visit the islands, described “beasts as large as oxen and possessing great tusks like elephants, which, when approached, leaped suddenly into the sea.”

Throw in some amazingly delectable cuisine and first rate inns, and everybody’s happy.



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