Kitchen Folk

[an ode to all the wonderful people that have worked in our Freewheeling kitchen over the years]

I’m writing to you so that, in

the passing of one year to another,

one season to another,

your presence in my life will not go unmarked.


So deeply have I been moved

and blessed

by those spaces of overlapping time

that we have spent

elbow to elbow at the kitchen sink,

aprons on and smartly tied,

Robot Coupe flying

under pressure of walnuts and feta,

taming of butter chunks,

pestos with herbs and nuts and beans,

hummous for days;

still thrilling to the perfectly timed,

perfectly cooked

batch of brownies


Side by side, we dug in the garden,

in the compost,

and picked black currants for weeks


hanging napkins and tablecloths on the clothesline

folding napkins and tablecloths

ironing napkins and tablecloths

and then washing, washing, washing

examining for stains, holes, fading, fraying –

only the best and brightest

for our Freewheeling picnics!


And the bleach…scrubbing coolers

and Tupperware, and the bits from

the Robot Coupe…rubber gloves wiping

our sweaty brows in the heat


Why is it, you beauties of spirit,

that I hear from you that

you loved these summer spaces

in the thick soupy-ness

of all the ingredients that make up

the ideal Freeweeling adventure experience:

the tried and true recipe,

with heaping servings of well maintained equipment,

liberal dashes of excellent humour,

more than a few pinches of compassion,

and the most gorgeous landscape of the world

under the amphitheatre of sky?


Yet, as much as there is pride in

the good work done,

this is life being lived in the now

of that soapy water, the black fly

swatted, the whirring of blades, and the scrape of

batter to pan, cooling rack to tin.

All the while, the blue skies

beckoning, the waves breaking along

the rocky edges


Summer was always with us,

always precious,

and dreams a drifting mind away….

planning bonfires, bike rides, midnight swims,

and times together with our summer friends.


Thank you, oh beauties of spirit –

Kitchen folk

We’ve been sneaking into every Victory

square, every jar of salsa, every

loaf of banana bread

the secret ingredient

for success, for joy, for fun, for

adventures that remind us that we are

travelers together on this earth journey –

Yes, love – we put the love in.


Blossoming abounds.


You are forever welcome in my kitchen.


Happy New Year! Love, Cathy

December 31st, 2015.

David Brennan, inventor of the walnut feta, serves a picnic at Bayswater.

David Brennan, inventor of the walnut feta, serves a picnic at Bayswater.


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Healthy human animals bent on sharing outdoor experiences with those who seek the glow of an active lifestyle
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